Thursday, 3 November 2011

About Latinum - Evan1965 - Evan der Millner

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Latinum was originally founded as a podcast on by Molendinarius (Evan der Millner) in 2007. At that time there was very little Latin audio available online in the restored classical pronunciation of Latin, and very little material to help a student learn Latin in a more 'natural' way.

At the same time, der Millner started to produce YouTube videos. These early videos have long since been deleted, but new ones are continuously being produced, (over 1,500 by January 2013) drawing on the wealth of Latin educational material created during the Renaissance up to the nineteenth century.

Additional material is being produced for learning French and Spanish.

Mypodcast closed its free hosting service in December 2011, and with it the Latin podcast ceased to exist.

A selection of the Latinum audio materials - many of them new recordings - are now available as complete audio books. 
New free materials are regularly produced for YouTube.